Spinach Pesto Pasta


My week as vegetarian has just ended, and during the week I’ve come to now so many new 
ways to eat things that I’d never thought of before. I’ve always been a big fan of spinach, but 
have always eaten it in the rather boring, traditional way. I used my vegetarian week to 
think out of the box with the use of spinach, which has ended up in lots of delicious recipes. 
The first of my many new recipes is this one: Spinach Pesto Pasta. A simple, delicious recipe 
that takes no time make. 


2 garlic cloves
1 tbsp olive oil
400g pasta
500g frozen spinach
First off, make sure to unthaw the spinach. When done, boil the pasta following the pack
instructions. Meanwhile, blend the garlic, olive oil and spinach until it’s even.
When the pasta is done, strain water and mix it up with the spinach mix. 


Emma xx


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