Hey there beautiful people,

Christmas time is over us, my absolutely favourite time of the year. To me, Christmas is 
about having fun with your nearest and dearest in a way that’s different from the rest of the 
year. It’s about getting around the table, covered up in blanket and with good cup of hot 
chocolate, telling stories and playing board games. To me, another reason why Christmas is 
something very special is that it’s the time of giving. It’s the time where people dig deep in
 pockets and use their very last penny on others than themselves. It’s the time where people 
gets a little more creative, open and joyful. 

Today, December 1st, I’m sharing one of my favourite toppings; Rawnola. A 3 ingredients 
vegan granola that take absolutely no time to make! 

70 g oats
7 dates
Dried coconut
Pulse oats and dates in a blender or food processer until desired texture, 
and then add the coconut! Easy and delicious! 
 Bon appetite and happy December 1st!
Em xx

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