Postcard From Paris

If you have laid your eyes on any of my social media profiles lately you can’t have missed the fact that I’ve been spending a couple of days of my Christmas holiday in the lovely city of Paris. I’ve been tweeting, instagraming and updating my facebook status a bit too much, maybe, about this trip I have to admit, but honestly, I couldn’t control myself. It was just a too amazing trip to not share with the world.
Back in September 2014 I sat random surfing on the net and found a picture of Paris covered in snow. This made me think about how wonderful it would be spending the Christmas days there. With those amazing thoughts filling my head I texted my good friend with whom I also travelled to Ibiza last summer about what she thought of it. Randomly enough she had just, like a couple of minutes before she got my text, talked about traveling to Paris with one of friends. Me, her and another good friend of mine had a couple of days later arranged a trip to Paris.
I’ve now visited Paris two times. The first was back in 2008. Back then I was with my family and we were there for a week. We lived far out, I thought, of Paris in a modern suburb called La Defence, which is one of the business areas in Paris really. If we wanted to go anywhere and see what I thought of as Paris we had to take either the metro or walk for more than an hour. It was a brilliant trip, though, despite the sore legs and I really got an eye up for how beautiful the city of Paris is.

This time I stayed on a hotel in the middle of everything, literally. We had found a room for three in a little, old hotel in the quarter called the Latin Quarter. The hotel were placed only 200 meters, if not less, from the beautiful cathédral Notre Dame, which means you’re in walking distance of all the other turist attractions in the city of Paris. This meant that we walked everywhere we wanted to go, and we did to everywhere, trust me. I don’t think there is a building in Paris we didn’t see.Let me give you an advise; when going to Paris, make sure to make a map of what you’re going to see doing your trip. Because even though you may live in walking distance of everything, Paris is a big city and even though you can see more than one of the famous Paris attractions doing one day, there is a long way around. Especially if you both want to go shopping and see the famous buildings and constructions.

My girls and I made a map one of the first day we got there, making sure everyone got to see what they wanted to see, with adresses on the places and everything. And lucky enough we had made that, because two days later we praised ourself for it. The wi-fi on the hotel suddenly stopped working and as the Oh-We’ll-Just-Search-For-It-On-The-Net girls we, apparently, are we suddenly felt some sort of alone in the world, not being able to google, mapping or anything alike. This, however, ended out for me, but sure also the other girls, actually having a better trip, somehow. Because even though we were a bit stressed out on not having any opportunity to use google to answer to loads of question which always seem to pop up when you don’t have net, I felt free. I didn’t have the Oh-I-Need-To-Send-A-Snapchat or the Oh-I-Need-To-Chat-With-This-Person feeling or anything, and I honestly liked that, so next time I’m traveling I think having wi-fi only in the reception, and not in the room, will be enough for me, and I hope you, dear reader, will make the same decision on just one of your travels. This will most-likely make your nights at the hotel less stressing because you don’t have to (or can 🙂 ) stay updated on everything happening at home and  you’ll most likely be more social with the ones you’re traveling with. And if you then really need net at some point there is reception to go to.

When I visited Paris with my parents back in 2008 it was in the middle on the summer, and it was unbelievable hot. And no, unbelievable hot is not an exaggeration. We, my family and I, were there doing a heatwave and I remember sweat dripping off me when I walked down Les Champs Elysees. This time, however, was also different on that point. This time it was winter and it was freezing. There were no snow as I had seen it on the pictures when I back in September searched around the net, but we woke up to frozen puddles of water and we had the wear as much clothes as possible, and it was almost unbearable taking my hands up from my pockets to take the pictures I’d promised myself to take.

I did, though, get my hands up from my pocket sometimes to grab my camera. I snapped loads of shots and clips and some are already to find here on my blog as well as all the pictures in this postcard are mine. More to come soon!

Paris does look amazing both through a lens and with the “naked” eye. If you love taking a walk between beautiful buildings and constructions this is the place to visit. I’ll be honest with you and say that I’m one of those persons who always look down when I walk around, but that changes, though, as soon as I arrive to Paris. I can’t get my eyes from the beautiful buildings surrounding me, and it can differently be felt in my neck once I get home. The architecture buildings of Paris have a hint of the medieval and I must say that Haussmann have done an amazing job designing these buildings. Do yourself the favour of looking up instead of on your feet when you visit Paris. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Also a thing I recommend doing is to put many of the “mainstream” Paris attractions on the map that I’ve talked about earlier. There is a reason why all these buildings and constructions are “mainstream” to watch. I also, though, recommend you taking the metro out of Paris, out to the suburbs. We came, by mistake, out to the suburbs Clichy, Courbevoie,  Asnières-sur-Seine and L’Île-Saint-Denis which is placed just out of the city of Paris. We ended up here by messing up with the directions for the shopping center Quartz and walked around in these for hours. I’m not kidding when I say I think we walked 20 kilometers that day! Anyway, I think it was great seeing this part of Paris. When you walk around the city of Paris you see buildings build to look good which are incredible expensive to live in. When you get out to the suburbs, on the other hand, you get to see how “normal” Parisian lives, and that fascinates me, to be honest, that there is such a difference between the two in such a short distance.

I’ve, purposely, chosen not to show you a picture of the difference of scenery, because I want you to see it yourself.

There is lots of things to do and see when you visit Paris, and I’m sure that most people who have been there will go back if they get the chance!

I recommed you visit Paris at least three times. One with your family, one with your friends and one with your loved one. This because I’m sure you’ll see Paris from three point of views. I’ve now visited with both family and friends and even though it was the exact same things we saw on our trip, it just felt very different, somehow. So, I guess this won’t be the last time I visit the beautiful city of Paris.

Yours sincerely,

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