Postcard from Ibiza

Dear reader,

I’ve since I was only a few years old been traveling the world and that have always been in company with
my mother, father and younger brother. I have never been traveling without them, except one time. That
one time where a very good friend of mine and I decided to travel out on own.
My friend and I had for a long time been talking about how fun it would be if we went out in the world
together, just the two of us, but we never planned anything serious. But suddenly,  and I honestly can’t
remember why, we decided that we wanted to go right away. After that everything happened so amazingly
fast: Within a month we sat on a plane, making our way to the lovely Spanish island Ibiza. 

Most people know Ibiza for being the place where young people go to drown their brain in alcohol, and so did my parents. I wished I had captured a picture of their expression when I told them about my plan about going to Ibiza. The expression changed, though, as soon as I told them what my friend and I were actually going to do on Ibiza. Because we had something quite different on mind than drinking!

We wanted to enjoy the sun and the nature. Both of us is quite big fans of nature, especially me. I’ very
fascinated by the nature; how it grows around and the beauty of it. On my latest adventures I have made
sure to be as close to the nature as possible, and still see so many cultural things in the country as possible.
To see things I can’t see at home is also a thing that I really appreciate when I’m out traveling. And I’ve
always heard so many people telling stories about how beautiful this little Island is, both in its nature and
culture. These stories were for me proved right, when I got to the island. 

Ibiza is a very warm place to spend your holiday. When I visited the Island in the beginning of Juli we had
around 32 degrees – in the shade. So keep that in mind when you’re looking at Ibiza holidays! In the winter
season it’s not that hot, but I’ll tell you: It’s not cold either. So if you’re not the person who is into heat, but
want to visit Ibiza, visit Ibiza in the winter season. Are you, however, a little mrs. or mr. sunshine, Ibiza is
the place to be in the summer season!
Due to the big amount of sun and the small amounts of rain the island gets it’s some places very dry. If you
look down when you stand in the center of the island all you see is dry fields and meadows. Do you look up,
on the other hand, or do you walk out to the water side, you will see a very different version of Ibiza. On the
small mountains that raises from the ground and by the waterside everything is fertile and lively. 
My friend and I had the pleasure of joining some sort of a sightseeing boat that took us around the island,
and I strongly recommend everyone to do this! You’ll get a whole other view on the island than you get
when you stand on the dry meadows! You’ll see the many massive, beautiful rocks that Ibiza is made of,
covered in the most beautiful green colour. 
Also a thing I recommend doing when visiting Ibiza, is to visit the old town of Ibiza. It’s a old district that is
build up in stone hundreds of years ago. It lies on the top of an hill, so you may pull of some serious walk-
up-stairs skills, but trust me: It’s worth it. When you reach the city, you have the most amazing view over
the island of Ibiza. Also on the top lies the old church of Ibiza (as seen in the background of the picture
 above) It’s so amazingly beautiful decorated on the inside, so I’ll say it’s a shame if you don’t check it out,
now that you, after all, have walked up those many stairs! 
A city you also need you visit is the city of San Antonio. This is the city where many young Ibiza visitors
choose to live because one of Ibiza’s most famous discos lies right in the middle of the city. That make it
both very easy and cheap on transport when you want to go out partying. The beach of San Antonio is every
day filled with young people, so if you want to socialize with other young people on your holiday, San
Antonio is the place to be! 
Both party animals and nature lovers will absolutely love a stay on Ibiza! There’s everything you need when
you want adventure, so I definitely recommend visiting the little island! I fell in love with the island as soon
as I saw it from the window on the airplane and by now, a half year later, I want to go back so badly, that
I’m already planning a new visit. That’s saying something, isn’t it? 
Yours sincerely, 

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