Postcard From Brighton

Dear you,

Over the years I’ve heard a lot about Brighton, and all the good I heard have raised my 
expectations higher than most people who haven’t visited the city might would say was good. 
People who’ve been there, however, would say that my high expectations were fitting, if not 
too low, because the city really is something special and I have to say that, despite the high 
expectations, I didn’t get the slightest disappointed. The city is just as amazing as everybody says. 
I visited the city a Saturday in the middle of July. The sun was shining from an almost all blue
 sky and the temperatur was high. The streets were just as filled with people as the pier and
 the beach. People were happy and enjoyed themselves in the good weather!
When you’re in Brighton there’s hundreds and hundreds of things to do! The most well-
known thing to do is to visit Brighton Pier and have some rides at the fun fair. I truly 
recommend doing this if you’re staying for more than one day, because if you’re only there 
for one day you’ve tons of things that are better worth your time.
One of those things is to take a stroll through the area called The Lanes. The Lanes are only 
a few hundred meters from the beach (which by the way is made of stone, so don’t come 
expecting a sand beach! It is, however, a good beach despite the stones!) and are filled with 
small stores of everything you could ever dream of! If you visit doing the summer, make sure 
to look up when you walk down The Lanes. Over you will hang small flags in bright colours, 
creating a true summer, happy and festive atmosphere!
If you didn’t find the shop from your weird dream, walk over to the North Laine area just 
across the road from The Lanes. Here the streets are a bit wider, there are still flags hanging 
between the houses, and the shops are just as mind-blowing and unbelievable as at The Lanes. 
Two streets I definitely recommend walking down in North Laine are Gardner Street and 
Upper Gardner Street! Down Gardner Street you’ll find everything you’ll ever need as 
vegetarian and vegan. Trust me, literally everything. Beside tons of restaurants with vegan 
and vegetarian foods, there’s a shop with vegetarian “Animal Friendly Foodwear” shoes. 
Definitely worth a visit whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater as there’s an 
absolutely amazing and non-forgetable atmosphere there! Amazing and non-forgetable will be 
the words I’ll use to describe Upper Gardner Street as well. What happens here is completely 
different from what happens on Gardner Street, but again not really. The spirit is the same! 
Upper Gardner Street is the street of second hand. Here you can get everything from a worn
 out picture frame to a sweater and a polaroid camera as good as new. Also definitely worth a 
visit whether you’re into second hand or not. You’ll find the most amazing cool there! 



Another thing worth visiting is the Royal Pavilion. An old castle (Palace is maybe the

word, really!) in a unique mixture of Hindu architecture and Gothic architecture on the 
outside and the best of China on the inside. The Pavilion is today a museum wherein 
everything is as it was left by the royalties a decades ago. When you enter the Pavillion you’ll 
get a major sized phone look-a-like in your hands which will be your guide as you walk 
around the museum. Due to it’s not allowed to take any pictures in the museum I, 
unfortunately, can only show you the place from the outside and tell you to go there yourself 
and get the amazing experience of being taken to a whole other time and place than what 
you actually are. 



Around the Pavilion is the beautiful Royal Garden, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever 
seen. Beside areas of grass that are used by many locals as study and chill areas there’s areas 
with flowers from all over the world and in all the colours of the rainbow. A good place to sit 
down and a take a break and maybe eat some lunch if you’re not into what you down found 
Gardner Street or The Lanes.
As said, Brighton truly didn’t disappoint me despite my very high expectations, and I’m sure 
it won’t disappoint you either if you decide to visit the city for a day or two! It’s a place 
that I for sure will visit again as soon as I possible can. Maybe even in the winter to see 
which vibe there will be in the otherwise very summery city. Can’t wait to get more of this 
wonderful place!
Em xx

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