Photography FAQ

Recently, I’ve got a lot of questions about my photographing, and many of the questions are one way 
or another basically the same. To give you all the best and most fulfilling answers, I’ve decided to
 make this Photography FAQ!

For how long have you been taking photographs?
I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I remember, really. I remember running around like a little 
kid with my mum and dads film camera, taking pictures of everything that did and didn’t move. I’ve 
always seen photographing like great fun, and a fun of exploring my own creative abilities. 
Why does photographing mean so much to you?
I guess why photographing truly means a lot to me is because I like the way I’m able to catch a 
moment and save it forever. I like being able to look back on pictures and see moments I might had
 forgotten. I like how pictures taken a few seconds apart can be so very different. Also, I like
 how photographs can reflect a feeling or a message. 
What camera do you use?
For my digital work before January 2015 I used a Nikon D3100, whereafter I upgraded to its sister,
 the Nikon D3200. Beside that, I like playing around with my mum and dads old Olympus AF-1 as I, 
with this non-digital camera, has to get the shot just right every time as the developing of the
 film is rather expensive. 
What lens do you use?
For all the pictures seen on my blog and Instagram, I’ve used the standard 18-55mm lens for
my camera. I’ve for the longest time wanted to treat myself by buying myself a new lens
 and I know my parents actually has a major one hidden somewhere in our basement, but I 
feel so very comfortable with the standard lens as I know what I can and can’t do with it, that I 
can’t get myself to make the switch
How you you edit you pictures?
How I edit my pictures depends on what for and where I’m using my pictures.
For my blogposts I use the Mac editing program CameraBag 2. A program I’ve have grown very fond
 of, and I don’t know what I should do without. When it comes to what filter I use, it’s one I’ve made 
myself. I started out using the program’s standard filters (which are also pretty great!), but by time I 
found out how I liked my pictures the best, and made my own filter. And yes, the filter is called 
For my Instagram pictures I use a phone editing app you must know if you’re just a little into 
photography, the VSCO app. When I’ve uploaded my picture to the app, I use the C1 or T1 filter, play a
 little with the exposure and contrats, and when I’m satisfied, I save the edited picture on my phone 
for whenever the picture suits what I want to share on Instagram. 
What’s your favourite motive?
I have two favourite motives; buildings and people. Two things I’ve always been very fascinated by. 

Buildings are such massive things that are all around us and that the fewest of us properly acknowledge.
 For many people, they’re just there, but for me, they’re there for a reason. Of course, some building
 are plain and boring, but if we look up as we walk around instead of looking down, we actually have 
a lot of beauty served on a silverplate. 

When it comes to photographing people, it’s not a thing I’ve tons of experience with. But the few 
times I’ve got to work with people in my photographs have been amazing experiences. I 
like how people bring life into a photograph and how the simplest change in the facial expression
 can change the whole thing. 
How do you think your photographing will develop in the future?
I hope I’ll get over myself and invest a little in my photographing by buying myself a new lens or 
two, or at least just find the one we have in our basement! Hopefully this will help me explore my
 photographing abilities a whole new way and help me develop same. Also, I hope I’ll spend some 
more alone time with the Olympus AF-1 to practice compositions, light and other settings, and this
 way hopefully also develop my photographing to the better. 
I hope you find your questions answered! If not, please write a comment below with your question!
Emma xx

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