My Spring Mixtape

Spring is upon us, and I must say that I absolutely love it! I have the pleasure of waking up to the
birds tweeting every morning, and wherever I look small colourful flowers appear.

Spring is my favourite season to go for walks, because meanwhile the weather is not-too-hot and not-
too-cold, it’s also amazing to see how the nature around change from cold and bald to warm and
alive. When I go for these walks love putting earplugs into my ears and walk in my very own litctly.
When it comes to the music that come out of my earplugs on these walks,  I tend to always click
“play” on the songs, as I think they fit both my mood and the season of spring perfectly. I’ve put all of
my favourite spring songs together on a playliste,  hoping to bring a little feeling of spring into your ears.

You can find the playlist right here:

Enjoy your spring!

Emma xx

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