My Resolutions

Today’s January 1st 2016. A day where thausands and thausands of people talk about 
having and fulfilling new years resolutions. The famous phrase “New year, new me” is all 
over the place and people have resolutions about everything from the smallest changes to
major changes. 
I’ve never been a fan of new year resolutions as I’ve always only seen it as a excuse for
thinking about doing something you should do everyday only once a year; changing yourself
to the better. I do like, however, having some sort of focus of attention during the year, and
this year I’ll focus on…
doing something crazy at least once a day 
Unfortunately I’ve experienced a couple of incredible souls ascending into heaven way to
early this year alongside with hundreds of innocent people losing their life in terrorist acts
all over the world. This has been a true eye-opener to me and I’ve realised how fragile life
truly is. We can not be sure of having our life tomorrow, so we have to live our lives at
  fullest and make every second count. To make sure I get the most out of my life, I’ll do
something crazy at least once a day. I’ll take a step out of my comfort zone and broaden my
horizon as much as possible during 2016! I want to be feeling alive now that I’ve got chance!
being more honest, both to myself and others 
To me, the world is becoming more and more unreliable as a result of the major pressure
coming from everywhere about how it’s best to be. Honesty has always been very important
to me, and I’ll always take an honest opinion over a lie, no matter if it’s for the good or the
  bad. Only by honest opinions it’s possible to improve things for the better, and that’s why
I’ll do my best to be more honest this year. Both to myself and to others.
loving more
First off, I’ll concentrate on learning to love myself just as I am, and not because others
might love me. Secondly, I’ll focus on showing the love I have for those amazing people I have
around me everyday. Two things I’ve found out is a urgent for my happiness. In the blink of
an eye everything can change, so make sure to love with all your heart. You never know
when you might not have the chance.
being the best version of myself
As my focus on loving myself as I am will grow, I’ll hopefully be able to explore myself more
 than ever. “She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished, how 
beautiful it was that she always chose herself“, one of my favourite quotes goes and a
quote I’ll turn into life in 2016. I’ll chose to be myself and be true to myself no matter what
other people will think of me. I’ll  be the best me I can possibly be.
What are your resolutions? 
I wish you all a happy new year! 
Emma xx

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