My Biggest Dream

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur
 involuntarilyin the mind during certain stages of sleep” Wikipedia tells me as the
 definition of dreams. For me these dreams means a lot. For me dreams are what makes
 us. Without dreams we would be nowhere, because we would not have any thoughts about
the future. Of course it is good, you might say,  living in the moment all spontaneously, but all 
this spontaneity, I tell you, would be nothing without dreams either. Each step we take in life 
includes a dream. A dream of something we want to do or someone we want to be. Dreams 
are inspiration and motivation for ourself to go where we want to go in life. Some people, 
unfortunately, choose to let their dreams go, others are smart enough to choose to follow
Posts like the one you are about to read will soon be a regular part of Ouvrir La Bouche. It
 will be posts about those people who choose to follow their dreams. I will be telling about
 people’s biggest dreams, their plans on how their dreams can come true and how their
 dreams inspire them to shine. 
I am starting with my own story. 
I have a lot of small dreams and goals I want to reach doing my life. I have every year on my 
birthday since I was very little wrote down things I wanted to do in my future.  This major
 list has been rewritten a billion times and has ended up as a Bucket List with things I just 
need to do before I die. Not for others, but for myself. There is, though, one things that is not 
on that list, and that is my biggest dream of them all. I have many times asked myself why I
do not just put it on there along with the other things, but I have always ended up with the
 same answer: This one dream is, really, as a part of me unlike the things on my Bucket List.
 The things on my Bucket List comes from who I am. My biggest dream makes me to who I
 am. It is my biggest dream that makes me shine.
I first started having this dream when I was about eight years old, the age where I started
 writing articles as school assignments. I really enjoyed writing these and wrote nothing but
 articles when I got the chance. I enjoyed it so much that I started writing small (and longer
 as I got older) articles in my spare time. Time past and looking back I’m very sad about how 
I felt about these spare time articles, because back then I didn’t know what I just told you
 about how big a part of me my dreams are and it is what makes me shine the brightest. 
started to see my article-writing as a little obsessing and saw myself as a freak whom spend 
way to much time on nonsense now all my girl friends spent time on doll and later make-up,
 which seemed to me like the right thing to do at that age. This made me hide all the work I 
did in a box and I stopped showing 95 % of what I did to other people. Even my parents did 
only see the 5%. I started hide behind a “I don’t know” every time I got asked about my 
future even though I clearly knew what I wanted to do. 
I found all these hidden articles in a box not long ago, and I must tell you that it made me tear 
up. It stand clear to me today that my dream of becoming a journalist got to me from the 
very first time I wrote an article, and that dream should never had been hidden. The dream 
of being a journalist formed me, it helped me, it was (and still is) me.
At last the pressure of having to keep a part of myself from the world made me break. Not into 
something worse, but into something way better. I had got enough of hiding and I was
 finally ready to be the person I really was. I wrote articles like never before. I wrote about 
nothing and everything. I caught myself writing on the weirdest places on the weirdest times 
of the day, and many of my friends were almost pissed at me because I never had time to do
 anything but writing. But I did not care about what they thought, because I was doing the
 one thing that made me truly happy.
“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their
minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are 
dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” 
T. E. Lawrence
Today I proudly tell people that I have been planning on being a journalist since I was eight.
 I am proud to say I have known my thing to do in life since I was eight. I am glad I so early
in life found my way to shine. I am glad I made all that work of writing articles. Without 
those millions of, for the world, unseen articles I would probably have non of the skills or 
ideas I have today. I would not be the same person.
Having seen light and made my dream clear to the world have made it possible for me to 
develop on my dream. I later in my life got one special love for the country of England and 
the language of English, which got an effect on my dreams. I wanted to go to England! For 
years and years I sat hours looking up English nature, houses, food, everything. I am sure 
you can not find a typical English thing I have not googled. In the year of 2013 I finally got
 the opportunity to visit my beloved England for the first time. I am not lying when I say I 
felt home when I first sat my foot there. I felt amazing. I saw myself sitting in an old cottage
 just outside London, kids running foolishly around me, a husband running foolishly after 
them as I sat on my computer, preparing my new business cards, smiling  kindly to them,
 being happy as I have never been before. 
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” 
– Walt Disney
This dream has ever since been the one thing I have in mind every time I have to 
choose between something that can affect my future. I am studying A-level English at 
school, I write in English every time possible, I write articles every time possible and I take
 every opportunity I possibly can that can help me making my dream come true. I have come 
to learn that it is not enough just to follow our dreams, we have to chase them. We have to 
work hard for what we want and that nothing worth having comes easily. Your dreams 
might change over time, but they will always have roots in the same, and that “same” is you.
 You are your dreams, your dreams are you. If you want your dreams to come true you have
 to work hard, be you and believe in yourself. 

“I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.” 
– Mike Tyson
If you meet a smiling me in the future and I hand you a business card where upon stand: 
Emma Lund, Journalist, and then an address on a cottage just outside London, then you 
know I have reached my biggest dream.

xx Emma

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