My 10 Dreamy Getaways

People say I’m a dreamer, and I must admit that they’re right. Every time I’m just a little bit bored my 
mind starts to travel, not only through daily happenings, but also around the world. If the dreamning 
really gets its hands on me, I start googling and I don’t stop until I’ve found a place that fits into my 
perfectly state of mind. By all that googling I’ve end up with quite a collection of beautiful places a round 
the world and I’ll show you 10 of those places in today’s post. Hopefully those 10 dreamy getaways will 
turn into real life getaways someday! 

Sources can be find by clicking on the photos!
Emma xx
1) Cappadocia, Turkey
2) Rothenburg, Germany


3) Umbria, Italy


4) Meteora, Greece
5) Bled, Slovenia

6) Kylemore, Ireland

7) Shicheng, China


8) Kyoto, Japan

9) Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

10) Bagan, Burma
What are your dreamy getaways?
Emma xx

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