Looking Back

Many people, including myself, take the first day of the of the year to look back on the just-ended year
before stating on the new 365 paged book. Last year was a great year for me. A year I will look back on
with a smile on my face. I made a lots of new friends, read a lot of great books, travelled a lot, I have
started to eat healthier and started to be the person I really want to be. This may sound cheesy, but I
don’t thing I have ever ended a year more happy than the year of 2014.
Looking back on the just-read 365 paged book there is a lot of things I will take with me as I read and
experience my book of 2015. I have in the year of 2014 learned a lot of things about myself and how I can
get the best of myself and the world. I have learned how important it this trust ourselves and not be afraid of taking chances. Without taking chances we get nowhere in this world. We need to step out of the box of comfort
and be a little curious. 
I have learned not to judge others before I have met them myself and heard their story. Everybody has
their own story and none (!!) is the same. Everybody has experienced something either good or bad that
have made them to who they are and this thing may not be visible to the world. 
I have learned to surround myself with people who inspires me and makes me want to do better. Not
people who pressure me into things, but people who are supporting, full of ideas and by being who they are
make me feel that I can go a step further to where I really want to go. 
I have learned that if you want something you have to work for it. That nothing worth having comes easy.
Everything good has its price, and that price is not always paid by materials, but with soul. If you really put
yourself into something instead of leaving it to others there is a much higher chance of making it to where
you want to go.  
I have learned that it is important to take some time for yourself. Just for a minute or two every now and
then taking a deep breath and thinking about newly experienced things and what you have got out of them,
both good and bad. Thinking how you can make more of these experiences tip to the good side of the
weight. These minutes of self-time can also be used on shutting the world out and just be yourself. Free
your mind completely from thought from your everyday life and feel your body relax. Taking these
moments of both overviewing past events and silence from thoughts have made me thinking more positive
about the things I do, made me think more creatively on how things can be done and most of all made me

I have learned to be thankful. Being thankful has turned into being a very important thing for me. As I see

the world today, many of us are very ungrateful. The western world are living like being in a clover and
takes lots of the goods we have for granted. I have been one of those people taking a lot for granted, but I
have come to see how lucky I am. I have a lovely family, great friends, a place to live, food to eat and the 
opportunity to get an education unlike many others. This I need to be thankful for. Also I need to be
thankful for the people I have around me. Both family and friends, but also people in general. Without the
cleaning lady, without the shop assistent, without the woman behind the counter in the bank this society
would not run around. So in the future I will make sure to pop a little thank you every now and then
because I know that I myself like getting to know people appreciate what I am doing no matter if it is a big
or small thing, and sure I am not the only one!

These are just a bunch of the things that I have learned in 2014 and that I will take with me through 2015
and the following years. I have learned these things by both good and bad experiences, but even the bad 
experiences have made me smile in the end. Because without the bad experiences we wouldn’t be able to
see what is good in life. That is also a thing I have learned this year: you may take the rough with the

What have you learned if you look back on 2014?
xx Emma

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