How to: become organised

In winter I spend a lot of time indoor and this is when I really realise how easy my life can turn into
an unorganised mess. When I was younger I was one of the most messiest people, but I’ve grown into
a person who wants to know where everything is and knowing that I can find everything I need in a
few seconds. Also I’ve become a person with a lot of things going on every hour of my day, and the
fright of missing anything, I’ve come to see that I’ve needed to restructure my life a little. Even
though I’ve not made any major changes, I’ve felt that I use my time so much better than I used to do
and that I really can enjoy my time, even when I’m busy, and I think I’ll be myself forever grateful for
making those small changes.

Are you struggling with not spending your time right and want to become more organised, here is
some of my best advice to become more organised:

Keep a diary

Keeping a diary is a thing I’ve started on many times in my life and eventually stopped, because I felt
like I didn’t needed it. Looking back I should never have stopped the first time. Having a place to
write down the daily happenings will empty your mind, making it ready for new ideas and
experiences. Writing things down is for me also a tool to remember things better, and it also makes it
easier for me to look back on what I’ve already experienced and what I’ve done in certain situations,
which might will help me in future situations that are alike.

Note down as soon as you get an idea
Doing the day a lot of ideas pop in and out of our head and by the end of the day we can’t even
remember one third of them, and that one third might not even be the good ones. Noting down the
ideas as soon as you get them, will spare you for the time of being idea-less and will help you
develop on ideas you’ve already got later on. I’m not saying that you have to carry your diary with
you wherever you go. An phone note app, a calendar or alike will do fine.

Keep your calendar up to date

Talking about calendars, that is also a very good thing to get between your hands if you don’t already
have one! Writing all your plans down in a calendar will make sure there isn’t anything you forget
 and it will help you a bit of the same way as keeping a diary when it comes to freeing your mind
and make space for more.

Make your bed when you wake up

This might seem like a little thing, and it really is, but it is a little thing that really work on becoming
more organised. Making your bed as the first thing in the morning makes your room immediately look
more clean and this will go straight to your mind, satisfying it.

Keep the floor clean
Another little thing, that really works, is keeping the floor in your room clean and free from stuff.
 When looking into a room the first thing you see is often the floor, and if that is all untidy you will
most likely feel just as untidy. Do you place your stuff on the furniture in the room instead of the
floor your mind will, most likely, feel more satisfying, just as when you’re making your bed.

Place things were you need them
Nowadays many people focus more on what looks good compared to what is the most practical
solution. Please don’t do that to yourself. Placing things where you actually need them instead where
they look best, will make you have it easier doing the day and, most likely, make you less stressed.

Folder up

Folders give you easy access to those thing you need and it should be no surprise that foldering up,
not only things on your computer but in general, things will be easier to find when you need them and again you’ll, most likely, feel less stressed out.

What is your best advices to becoming more organised?

Emma xx

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