Give Yourself A High-Five

Over time many people have asked me how
I keep smiling, keep being positive, and keep 

feeling good about myself in such
a busy, judging, and not-always-that-sunny world as the 

world we’re all living
in. My answer to that is that I give myself a high-five.
By giving myself a high-five I assure
myself that I’m good enough, that I’m pretty enough, 
that I’m smart enough, and
that I can do well enough. By giving myself a high-five for big 
achievements as
well as for small achievements I help myself staying positive about what I’m 
doing and give myself the support and the courage I need to to keep going on,
even though 
the world is against me, because I know that I have at least one
person on my side: Myself. It 
helps me climbing to the top of the mountains of the
everyday struggles and it helps me 

trusting myself and makes me believe that I, maybe not immediately
but after some time, 
will reach the top of these mountains. By giving myself a
high-five I assure myself that no 
matter how dark something seems to be, there
is a lighter side of it, and that everything good 
will fall into place in the end. It assures me that I’m better than bad words and bad 
behaviour, and helps
me stay 
positive on the inside as well as the outside.
By starting giving myself a
high-five every once in a while I’ve made myself a whole other 
person. Starting
using my energy on being positive instead of wasting it on being negative
made me both think and act in very different way. Many people who knew me a 
couple of years ago say that they now only recognise me by the outside, and not
on what’s 
inside. Before I was a person who was always tired because I saw only
dark clouds on my sky 
and someone who walked around like sleepwalker. By starting to give myself a high-five I’ve 
turned into a person who is always tired because of
the many times the corner of my lips has 
gone upwards and all the new mind-blowing
impressions I’ve got by not looking down at the 
dark asphalt but up in the bright blue
sky. I’m myself forever grateful for making this small 
change that has turned
out to make a huge difference.

I hope you will follow my footsteps
and start to look brightly at things you might before have 
look at badly. I
simply hope you’ll do yourself the favour of giving yourself a high-five every 
once in a while. You deserve it.
Emma xx

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