Fragile Life










Less than 11 months ago I walked
around the streets of Paris and had the time of my life
 with two of my very
best friends. We laughed, danced around, and eat in the coolest
among all the Parisians and other tourists whom were also having the time of
 their lives. Two days ago a suicide bomber blew himself up in one of the exact restaurants
 my friends and I had laughed, danced around, and ate in. Nothing less than 129 civilians
 their lives on while being out, having fun just as my friends and I did
last December.
Having been in one of the crime
scenes and having a close friend who was in Paris doing the 
attack, have made me
think about the horrible episode more than I maybe would have done if 
that hadn’t
been the case. It really has made me think of how fragile life really is. My
who was in Paris doing the attack could just as well have been in one of the restaurants 
which got blew up
that night as the restaurant could have blown up in December when my 
friends and I was there instead of this Friday. 
Why I’m sharing my reflections
upon this situation with you is because I want you to reflect 
as well. I don’t
want you to think about how short life can be, and then again I do. I want you
 to think about the things you want to do with your life, whether it’s something
small or 
something small, think about it. All those 129 civilians who lost
their life that night, could have 
lived a long life and had time to pursue their
dreams, but unfortunately didn’t. Let this be an 
eye opener for you and start
living as you could die tomorrow, because as the thing is these 
days, there’s a
chance that you do. With all this terrorism, which we don’t know where will 
next, we all have to live every day the fullest, and only do what we love with
the people we 
love. Life is too uncertain to not make the best of every second. Please, pray for Paris, but also
pray for the rest of the world, pray for me, pray for yourself,
and live your life to its fullest.
people that deserves so much better than an attack like
this. All my thoughts and blessings 
goes to the victims and those who’ve lost
their loved ones in the absurd unfair situation.

// Emma

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