Five Instagrammers To Check Out

As many others, I am a huge fan of Instagram. I use it not only to share my own photos and stories, but also to search for inspiration and motivation for my daily life. I follow quite a lot of accounts, all of which I enjoy following. A few, however, set apart from the others and I try to go by these accounts’ feeds as often as possible. Below I have listed five of those Instagrammers, which I find truly inspiring, and which I have the greatest respect for.


Local Wolves – @localwolves

A couple of years ago I had the honour of writing for this magazine, which just made me love everything about the Local Wolves community even more. The magazine aim to gather creatives by creating a space for arts-, entertainment- and culture interested people. All staff are unpaid freelancers / volunteers, who all see it as a privilege to be a part of the Wolfpack. This is clearly shown in outcome of both magazine, playlists, Instagram feed – whatever the Wolfpack has its hands on. Brilliant inspiration for everything in the daily life and beyond.



Zoe Sugg – @Zoella

Most of you probably know amazing Zoe and the big Zoella empire she has managed to build over the years. There’s simply not the thing this girl has not done. She has written a book, made her own beauty range, made her own clothing line, and much, much more.  No wonder she has won several prices! Despite the fame, she manages to, seemingly at least, be down to earth and just a brilliant person. Definitely go and look her up! She’s an inspiration in every possible way.



Jackson Harries – @Jack Harries

I feel proud to say that I have followed Jackson Harries since he first started off on YouTube a couple of years ago. A lot has happened since then, and he does no longer do such videos as he used to do, the typical, I dare to say, YouTube ones. He has taken up the serious film making and always search for new ways to do things. If you scroll down his Instagram feed you will see how he really upped his photography skills as well. Here are the most amazing shots from all over the world. Recently he has done the #KitchenSeries and a trip to Somalia, which have resulted in his feed being filled with brilliant portraits and touching photos from the African continent.



Rupi Kaur – @Rupikaur_

Like poetry? You must make it by Rupi Kaur’s feed then. A beautiful woman with a brilliant mind. Her feed is filled with small pieces of her own inspiring lines, creating a space for every feeling you could possibly have. Also, while you are at it. Check out her book “Milk and Honey” – it is food for the soul.



Steffy White Yoga – @steffywhiteyoga

One of my favourite yogis on Instagram, no doubt. She shares tips and tricks for upping your yoga game as well as beautiful pictures from her everyday life. AND she does free live Instagram classes every Monday at 7 PM GMT time – yay!



Are we friends on Instagram? If not, head over to @EmLivingLife to find my feed!

Until next time!

Em xx

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