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I have always been one of those sporty girls, who liked running around, who did whatever sport, and actually liked taking the stairs instead of the escalators. In January 2017, however, I had an accident causing a twisted ankle so bad I almost ended up on crutches for several months. I saw this as a massive hindrance as all sports I had ever done involved being able to use both feet, which I now could not do due to my badly strained ankle. Being honest with you, I really do not know what suddenly happened with my mindset from here. I think a combination of life in general and not being able to do my beloved sports threw me out of gear. I simply just felt so incredibly sorry for myself all of a sudden. Unfortunately, so sorry in fact that I ended up in a downward spiral of unhealthy eating, barely any exercise and caring less and less about myself.

Who am I? Who have I become?

After several comments about me having changed, I, in early May, looked myself in the mirror and I looked carefully. “They were right”, I thought, “I have changed”. I saw not only how my skin, hair and my physical shape had changed, but how the fire within me had gone out as well. I was unrecognisable, really. Looking myself in the eyes, I saw myself very unhappy. A way my usually always utterly happy self had never seen it self before. I blinked a few times, gave my reflection a sceptical stare, and decided that enough was enough. I wanted to return to my better self. The good, old me. The happy me.

My Happiness-lists

I sat down and looked back at my life both before and after my accident, and made tons and tons of list of what made me happy. On there were all different kind of things. At top of them all, however, were “connecting/reconnecting with people”, “being healthy” and “exploring”. All of which I had not been doing much of in my “bad” couple of months, I dare to say. Since I looked my horrible-feeling self in the eyes and wrote these Happiness-lists, I have really learned something about myself and my surroundings. I have learned more about my mindset, my life as “highly sensitive” and, not least, how to make myself the happiest. After making surprisingly small changes, Em here is definitely living life and I have never been happier!

Em Living Life

This newly re-found happiness and joy of life I hope to bring on to you through my blog in the future. I hope to create a space for not only me, but for my readers too, that makes the everyday life a little easier, more interesting and filled with joy. I will be sharing how I got to the state of mind I am in today, hacks I find useful in my daily life and much, much more concerning food, health and travel. All things that makes me the happy person I am.

To the happy years to come! Until next time!

Em xx

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