Current Life Soundtrack

As you might have found out by time, I am a massive lover of music! I listen to music wherever, whenever, and use it to recharge both body and mind. If you scrolled down my personal Spotify account, you would see that I have tons of playlists, all named after places the songs remind me off. One playlist though has another name, and that is the playlist I would like to share with you today.

Over the last couple of months, I have been binge listening to this very playlist, as I have found out that it, somehow, seems to fit every situation in my life. Whether it is walking the dog in the morning, sitting by the window on a rainy day, cooking, walking around the city, or staring out the window on a public transport journey, this playlist is it for me, and that is why I have chosen to call it my Current Life Playlist.


Emma xx

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