Oxford Travel Guide

I feel very fortunate to say I have been living in the neighbourhood of this amazing city for more than half a year now, and as you might have found out by looking at my Instagram, I am crazy in love with this place! As a big fan of the gothic architecture, this is a

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Berlin Travel Guide

  Last summer I got the amazing experience of visiting wonderful Berlin. A city full of history, cool people and amazing places. The Berlin people are known for being openminded, welcoming and always up for something fun! Without further ado, here is a travel guide to my favourite parts and places in Berlin! Where to

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Fragile Life

                  Less than 11 months ago I walked around the streets of Paris and had the time of my life  with two of my very best friends. We laughed, danced around, and eat in the coolest  restaurants among all the Parisians and other tourists whom were also

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Oxford Through My Lens

                     All the pictures above are taken by me when I visited Oxford in July. All pictures are taken with my Nikon D3200 with a 18-55mm lens. Emma xx