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Last summer I got the amazing experience of visiting wonderful Berlin. A city full of history, cool people and amazing places. The Berlin people are known for being openminded, welcoming and always up for something fun! Without further ado, here is a travel guide to my favourite parts and places in Berlin!

Where to stay

When choosing a place to stay in Berlin, the only major thing to make sure of is actually to be close the city. Of course, Berlin has a Metro that connects the whole city and you can get to all the biggest sights with only a few stops, but the metro can be quite expensive if you are travelling on a low budget. So, as all the biggest sights are in walking distance, finding a cheap hotel close to the city is definitely what to look for.

  • Ramada Plaza Berlin – This hotel is a cheap hotel and it places pretty central – but then again, not too central. Living here you will be able to walk to some of the biggest sights, while you live among ordinary Berliners in their apartment buildings. A great combination and a hotel that is definitely worth the money!
  • Ibis hotel Kurfuerstendamm – Not long from the previous mentioned hotel is the Ibis hotel Kurfurstendamm. It is a cheap hotel which does its thing to be green in everything they do. The staff is friendly and the hotel is close to both restaurants and transport links.
  • AirBnB – I can not go without mentioning this phenomena that has become enormously huge the last couple of years! By renting someone’s apartment you will get an exclusive view into the ordinary Berliner’s life and they will – if your even show you around – most definitely help you around the city and give you tips and tricks! Without a doubt a great opportunity if you want to feel at home in Berlin!


Just like any other major city around the world, there is tons of places to go all touristy. So if you have just a little tourist hidden inside you, here is a small list of mine on the must-see sightseeing spots in Berlin!

  • Brandenburg Tor – Brandenburger Tor is a massive and beautiful gate standing in the middle of Berlin that holds over two hundred years of history. The gate is probably one of the most famous places in Berlin – in whole German really – and one of the places most people come to see. It is such a major landmark actually that the windows in the local metro is covered with small Brandenburger Tor silhouettes – fun fact. 
  • The Memorial of the Berlin Wall – During World War II a 3,6m tall and 155km long wall divided Berlin into two: East Berlin and West Berlin. Most of the barrier was torn down in 1989, but some of it still stands the day today. Walking around the city, somewhere you will see a long line of paving stone going across roads and parks, and this line shows where the Wall once has been torn down. In the area of Berlin called Mitte you will find a big memorial park that is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in the story of the wall!
  • The Holocaust Memorial – Another beautiful and touching memorial in Berlin is the The Holocaust Memorial – A memorial to the murdered jews in Europe. It consists of 2711 rectangular block of concrete laid out in a grid formation. This, the German parlament says, is to symbolise the loneliness, powerlessness and despair the jews experienced during World War II. 
  • The Museum Island – Right in the middle of the city you will find a “small” island called The Museum Island and here you will find a bunch of the biggest museums (that does not tell about World War II) in Berlin. Definitely worth a visit if you are into art, sculptures and like. Beside the popular museums the Pergamon Museum and the Bode Museum, you will also find the beautiful Berlin Cathedral when you visit the island.


Berlin is city that never sleeps, and there is always things to do! Here is some of my favourite things to do in Berlin:

  • Flea Market at Mauer Park – Every Sunday tons of people make their way to Mauer park to visit the Flea Market, and I must say I understand why. The Sunday I visited the market, great atmosphere was everywhere. Dancers and singers performed around the park and the shops sold everything from the smallest, cutest bags I have ever seen to the most cool polaroid cameras! And do not worry, if you do not find any standing remains of the Berlin Wall around the city, you will be able to find lots in Mauer Park!
  • Alternative Berlin Tour – One of my absolutely favourite things to do is going on the Alternative Berlin Tour. When you are on this tour you see places in Berlin that you might never would have thought of seeing yourself. Where you go depends on your guide, but they all make sure you come around different areas of Berlin known for, for example, street art and alternative living. Oh, and hey! The tour is free of charge!
  • Ka De We – If you feel like shopping in the largest department store on the European continent, Ka De We is where you need to go. With more than 60,000 square meter of selling space you can spend hours in there before you make it to the top! I do, however, recommend visiting Ka De We, even if you are not into shopping and then go straight to the upper floor. Here you will have an amazing view over the city of Berlin while you can go and look at the most beautiful and odd cakes and other foods. 


The food culture varies a lot from culture to culture, and the German food culture is not an exception! Berlin is not about curry wurst, but so many other foods! Here is three places that you definitely have to visit when going to Berlin! 

  • Denn’s Biomarkt – This is any fan of ecology’s dream. In this supermarked you can buy the most delicious, wholesome and good food. Definitely worth a visit, both if you want to buy something ecological or just want want to know how such a shop looks like – and smell!
  • Fast Rabbit – If you decide to go to Mauer Park you really have to make your way to Fast Rabbit that lays just across the street as well. Here they have almost everything you could possible dream of when it comes to vegan fastfood and the atmosphere in the little shop tells just that – Happy both vegans and non-vegans is filling up the place. 
  • The Juicery – Just next the Fast Rabbit lays a even smaller shop, and this shop is a juicery. In here you can find the most delicious organic juices and smoothies, and the most friendly staff! Definitely also worth a visit!

What are your favourite things to do in Berlin? Let me know in the comments!

Emma xx

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