Becoming Vegetarian

May 17th 2015 I announced to both friends, family and the internet that I would be going 
vegetarian for a week. Please, excuse me for this lie. May 17th I did not eat my last piece of 
meat for a week, but my last piece of meat for more than a while.

Back in 2014 I read an article about veganism and vegetarianism. The article included a 
great amount of cold facts about the two choices of living and how good a choice it was both
 for those who took this choice but also the environment. After finishing the article I felt 
carried away by the idea of how much better I could be, according to the article, towards the 
world and myself by going meat-free. I soon, however, got lots of other things into my head 
and seemed to forgot everything about the article, and then again, not really. Looking back 
on the past year, on my behaviour and the thoughts written down in my journal, it is clear as 
mud that this article has affected me. From the day I read the article I have, without 
thinking any further about it, started to follow a great amount both vegans and vegetarians 
on the social medias, I have started ordering meat-free when I go out and I have started to 
pack a meat-free lunchbox. Looking back, everything seems to have been leading towards 
May 17th 2015, and neither my family or closest friends were surprised when I told them the
 news, and some even commented that it had only been about time before I got myself 
labeled as vegetarian. 

In my week and a half of being fully and labeled vegetarian I have already experienced both 
up and downs of the vegetarianism. I have, on one hand, felt absolutely amazing with my 
choice because it has made me feel much better about myself knowing that I do mine to 
keep both my body and the world in balance. I feel more energised, openminded and even 
more creative than ever before. I have, on the other hand, had a hard time constantly being 
questioned and challenged about my choice. The choice of breaking the silent norm of eating 
meat. I have come to know, however, that the questioning and challenging does not, in the 
majority of cases, come of wanting to stop me doing what I am doing, but come of pure 
interest and curiosity of the new. 

May 17th 2015 I made a list about what I thought as cons and pros of being vegetarian, and 
the pros list turned out to overwhelmingly long compared to the list of cons, and that is why 
I today proudly say that I follow the steps of both Leonardo da Vinci, Henry Ford, Brad Pitt, 
Albert Einstein, Ozzy Osborne and the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, and officially call 
myself vegetarian. I know that I by going vegetarian can not save the world from all it 
problems, but every little helps. 

If you are in the pipeline to a vegetarian or maybe even vegan lifestyle, my best advice is to be
patient, and be understanding for those who does not understand your choice, but not,
 under any circumstances,  let them bring your choice to shame with their questions or 
challenges. You have your reasons for doing what you are doing as I have mine. Whether it is
 cultural, health, ethical, political or something else, we all have our own reasons, morals 
and beliefs. Be strong, believe in yourself, and keep going!
Emma xx

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