Autumn Feels

Autumn Feels

I have always been a big fan of autumn and everything that comes with it, honestly. I like the rain pouring down
the windows, I like layering up, I like the cosy nights spent inside between blankets, I love the colour scheme, I
find everything with pumpkin amazing. I do not have much bad to say about this time of the year, really.

Songs that fits every mood

One things that does not change with the seasons is my love for music. I have a very eclectic taste in music, and
the music I hear vary a lot from day to day, hour to hour. Some songs, however, just make me keep hitting the
repeat button day after day, hour after hour. Because, somehow, these songs fit whatever mood I am in and
whatever I am doing brilliantly.

During autumn I tend to press replay on mostly acoustic songs, as they fit my autumn mood perfectly. They are
slow, thoughtful and full of feelings. The acoustic wonders are just splendid company whenever I am walking
through crunchy leaves, looking out on the pouring rain, carving pumpkins, strolling through the multicoloured
forests, chit-chatting with my loved ones, cooking or baking autumn goods. Everything.

Playlist for everything Autumn has to offer

Like last year, I have gathered my favourite songs this autumn on one playlist, hoping the playlist will bring a
little autumn feeling to your body as well. So, put on this playlist, find everything orange you can possibly find,
wander through the woods, sip on a hot-choc. Embrace what autumn gives you.

Enjoy the Autumn Feels!

Em xx


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