Andrew’s Biggest Dream

I drink. I blog. I travel. 
Those words pop up on the screen when you visit both the Scottish lad Andrew’s blog and 
Instagram account. The young boy documents his life on the internet with both pictures and 
words on daily basis, and you do not have to read between the lines to know what his biggest 
dream is, and then again you might do, because that dream is bigger than it seems at first. 
I have had a little talk with this Scottish lad and it is for me a pleasure getting the 
opportunity to tell you about his biggest dream.
Emma xx
The 19-year-old blogger Andrew has grown up with his family in Edinbourgh, a family who 
does not have the same dream as him. Doing his childhood his family barely went on trips 
and when they finally did it was small trips around the country or let-us-just-stay-
around-the-pool trips. In the beginning of Andrew’s teenage years this started to bore him, a 
lot. The thought of a family staying in the same city for their whole lifes and never go and live 
somewhere else was not something for him. It was not enough for him only seeing that part of 
the world you see when you go off to the typical tourist destinations and then go straight 
from the plane to a bus to the hotel and then stay there. He can not get his head around why 
they would rather spend a week by a pool than road tripping around Thailand or 
exploring Italy. He knows that traveling is not for everybody, but in his mind it is not enough 
only scratching the surface of the world. He knows that there is so much more to see and 
seeing all that is his biggest dream. 
By now he does not have a plan on how to reach this dream, but he sure knows he will get
 there. As soon as he get a little bit of money saved up he is planning his next trip. Even if it is 
only for a day or two in a new city or up and down the country, he want to go. One of his main 
goals this year, though, is to stop using the money as soon as he get them and start 
saving up for something bigger. By saving up he has more time to plan what this “something
 bigger” is and when he is off from work in July he will, hopefully, both have money and a 
plan for using these money. 
He has one plan already, though, that he want to accomplish sometime doing his life, and 
that is to go roadtripping across Canada. He says that Canada is just so picturesque and 
beautiful that he has to see all of it with his own eyes. Taking a few weeks exploring the 
Rockys and the countless lakes with a group of friends. Going on hikes and just exploring. If
 you do not think that sounds great, he says, you must be deluded. Canada is that one place, 
the top of the list, he need to go before he dies. He will put all his power into making this 
road trip happening one day and he is sure he will have an experience of a lifetime.
As said, the road trip will include a handfull of friends to stay by his side, because even 
though he may not want to travel with his family, he does not see himself as a person 
traveling alone. For now, at least. He admires people who travel on their own, but likes the 
thought of traveling with somebody, experiencing the same things as them and sharing the 
stories. He thinks that traveling together is a bonding experiencing and that it brings people 
closer together. By this he does not say he will never go travelling by himself, but at this point 
in his life he would much rather share those experiences with someone else, someone 

Whether he is traveling alone or with someone special, he does not think there will ever be a 
point where he gets content with what he has seen and where he has been. The dream will
 keep expanding. There will always be more to see, things to do, places to go. Even if you have 
been there once it may has changed the next time you get there, he says. He has always 
loved telling stories and when he thinks of traveling he thinks about the stories that come 
with it. The memories that have been made, the ups and the downs of the experience, the 
good and the bad points, the things you have done and the foods you have tried. This, he 
says, is what makes the travel worthwhile. 
Andrew hopes his story will inspire people to follow their dreams because he is nothing 
special, he says. He is just an ordinary guy. He does not have a lot of money and his family 
are not well off like some people’s. He is just an average guy but he is not letting anything get 
in the way of his dreams. His dreams are the thing that keeps him going. He strives to do his 
best as he knows it will help shaping his future and help turning his dreams into reality.
“Buy the ticket take the ride.”
 – Hunter S. Thompson

Andrew has told me about an article he read a few months back. An article about a taxi 
driver that worked day and night nonstop for months at a time. Whenever he was not sleeping 
he was working. As morbid as it may sound, he had a good reason to. He loved travelling, he 
wanted to see the world. After working months at a time he could just get up and go whenever
and wherever, he was not tied down any particular job and he had all this money saved up just
for travelling. Andrew says can not help but admire and respect this taxi driver’s attitude towards
his passion. He is not saying he will go those lengths but he wants to be living in the same
mentality as the taxi driver. He means that you need to be willing to work hard and go 
through hell for what you believe in to turn your dreams into a reality. Nothing is ever 
simple or easy when it comes to this but if you are really passionate about it you will find a
 way. His best advice is to not let anybody or anything get in the way of you achieving your 
dreams. To not let it get to the stage where you go “Oh, I wish I had done that”, but to the 
stage where you just go out and do it.

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