Hello there! I’m Emma, a 21-year-old creative from Denmark. Welcome to my blog, my kitchen and my life.

Back in 2014 I made this website, my own little space, called Ouvrir La Bouche, meaning Open the Mouth in French. I saw this an opportunity to open my mouth, not physically, but through my writing, and tell my dear readers thoughts, tips and tricks from my daily life. Since then the name has changed to Em Living Life (which can be read as “I’m living life” with a slightly bit of accent) and the blog have gotten a bit more health and fitness related, but the core themes haven’t changed. I’m no nutritionist or life expert with a long education of any kind, but I have a passion for food, well-being, photography and traveling and that is what is driving me through the excellent thing I call life.

I hope you’ll enjoy following my journey and hopefully I’ll give you inspiration to live a healthier and moreexiting life. All it takes is willingness to try something new. I know you have it in you! May the light always be with you in heart and in mind! Emma xx