Aaron’s Biggest Dream

Not all dreams are about getting something material or getting a special spot in the job hierarchy.
 Some dreams are a bit more abstract. I have got the pleasure of talking to a very special lad 
with one of these very special dreams. He has smaller dreams like roadtripping in the States, 
to live in Amsterdam for awhile and to discover New Zealand, but these are nothing compared 
to his biggest dream. 

I have really enjoyed hearing his lovely story and it is a big pleasure for me having the 

opportunity to tell you about his very special biggest dream.
Emma xx
Aaron does not really know where his biggest dream comes from, but it has stayed clear in his 
mind as long as he can remember. He knows it is something very, very unique, but he has 
always wanted it more than anything else. In his opinion, there is nothing more important 
than his biggest dream. Aaron D. Vogt dreams of finding the love of his life.
  “I don’t believe in magic.” The young boy said. The old man smiled. “You will when you see her”
Aaron believes in love at first sight. He believes that two people can be predestined to be together 
and that those people can feel it at first sight. Aaron has seen the love he is dreaming of many 
times, both in films and between other people, but he has also experienced it himself  3 1/2
 years ago. When it happened he was shocked and could not breath for a moment. As a girl 
walked down the hallway of his school time stood still around him and he felt like someone 
had put a spell on him . She completely blew his mind and he thought he had found the girl of his 
dreams. He had the best time of his life with her and he was happy like never before. Life was good,
 they had a great time, he took her to the city of love Paris, they were very much in love. It
 turned out they were not the right for each other, though, so after 2 years together they
 broke it off. The break up was hard on him, but he got back on the horse and continued his 
journey to find the one girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 
  “The world is not just about science and medicine. There are powerful forces that 
understands none of us. One of these is love”
When Aaron has found the love of his life he wants to get married, that is the most important 
thing. Things like owning house and having kids can wait. Before all this, but after the 
marriage, he wants discover the world together with the one he loves. He knows it is difficult 
to plan this kind of travel and that it takes time to bring those plans to life, but he really 
thinks it is something he needs to do with this special girl. After those, hopefully many he 
says, years of discovering the world he will be ready to start a family. The plan about starting 
a family is just as clear to him as the plan about finding love. He wants a family with three kids, 
two boys and one girl. Another part of the plan is to raise these three kids in the same house 
as he got raised himself.  It is simply perfect, he says, because of the neighborhood and 
because there is a pitch right in front of the house. 

“Following dreams is the most important exercise we can get.” 

When it comes to when he thinks he will stop up and think “Oh, dreams really do come 
true” there is two moments. The first one is when he stands next to the love of his life at the
 altar and he looks at her and he can not stop smiling. The other moment he will stop up and 
think this, is when he sits next to wife in the garden and they watch their 3 children play 
football on the pitch in front of the house. These are the moments he will do everything to 
make come true. To make his dream come true he will work harder than he has ever worked
before, because hard work is what Aaron believes in when it comes to reaching dreams. This
 along with belief. He thinks that dreams can not come true if we do not believe in ourself no 
matter what happens. Whenever you lose your way or think it is going to be too hard for you 
think about one thing, he says. Think about your dream. Think about that your dream is 
worth fighting for.

 Aaron hopes he can reach people whom have lost their hope or their way to following their 
dreams. He wants to be some kind of example for those people. He thought he had found his 
dream, the girl he was looking for, but it turned out she was not the actual dream, and even 
though it was heard on him, he knew he needed to continue his journey of following his 
dream. He lost his way, but got back on track. He wants to show people that there is still 
hope, no matter what happens. 

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