A Break

At the time of writing, March 27th 2016, I’m sitting on the beach in Alanya, Turkey, and I feel amazing. For the first time in months I’ve got the chance of freeing my mind and let my thoughts run wild. I’ve been caught up in everyday rutines, big meetings, exams – you name it. I basically had no time to spend on just myself, and it has honestly driven me crazy. Even my daily yoga sessions had become a rush-around – and that’s saying something! I am a person who is always in the middle of something and I like to have something going on all the time – I truly can’t sit still. Except from now. I have needed this break and that I feel. I’ve spend the last couple of days here by the sea, doing nothing but clearing my mind, detoxing my body and putting my social media addiction on a rest. By taking this break I’ve come to see that it is alright – necessary actually – to take a break every once in a while and that life isn’t just about having something to do all the time. Sometimes you need to log off and take off, whether it’s short or far away, to stay in contact with your inner self. A break to completely detoxing your body and mind – preparing it for all the exciting things coming up next.
My mind and body have now gotten the rest that was much needed and I’m back doing what I love the most: photographing and writing. I”ve missed chatting to you all and I’m glad to be back on the wagon!I hope you’re all doing great!

Emma xx

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