Four Things From My Happiness List

Four Things From My Happiness List

Over the last couple of months, I have really made an effort to do things that makes me happy instead of
dwelling on things that do not. In the search of finding a state of mind where the sun is always shining, I have
made a list ever so long with things that make me just the slightest happy. My Happiness List. Some things on
there are easy to set up, while others are more knotty and hard to come around. All, however, leading me
towards that jolly mind-set.

On the very top of my list are things like having a good family and amazing friends around me, and getting food and
fresh water every day. All very important, but taken for granted by many – unfortunately. From here the list gets a
bit more abstract though, and I come around things that are not necessities, but auxiliaries. Over time I will be
sharing most of these things in hope to inspire you to have a feel of what makes you feel happy and hopefully
encourage you to do more of these things.

Up first are four things that helps me towards being the happiest me:

1. Being surrounded by well-smelling flowers

If you ever see me in a botanical garden or any other flower garden, you will see my smile be almost as big as
my face. Being surrounded by flowers does not only make my nose happy, it also clears my mind and gives me
new energy.

2. Exercising doing sunrise/sunset

Exercising with a bright pink sky above me makes me forget about everything but the beautiful view. My body
moves unconditionally without me realising, and my mind starts thinking in 3D instead of 2D. It both clears my
mind, makes me think better, and I get more exercise than if I exercise any other time of the day – It is a win win!

3. Sitting in a sunny spot with my eyes closed

This is one of the small things that really have the ability to make me happier. Even the baddest of days can for
me be saved by a sunny spot where I can sit and let the thoughts run wild. Or, if I feel like it, even cut out the
world around me, focus on my breath, and do my mind good with a bit of meditation.

4. Colouring in

For many the trend of adult colouring books is alien, but I see it as brilliant. I have many of these books myself
and innerly enjoy putting on a playlist with acoustic songs and just colour in whatever is in the book in front of
me. I can sit there for hours! Focusing so hard on not going outside the lines and which colour to go for next,
make all thoughts not concerning this slowly leave my mind.

5. Clear mind equals happy Em

All in all, I have come to see that clearing my mind every now and then helps me to a happier mind. It helps me
letting go of the bad and take in the good. Also, it gives the thoughts that really need to be thought through time
and space to tumble.

I hope these four examples help you towards rethinking what you do every day and which of it you should do
more of. I am excited to hear what you have on your Happiness Lists!

Until next time!

Em xx

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