In 2017, Ouvrir La Bouche, my previous blogname, became Em Living Life. Something even I,
myself, couldn’t pronounce became something where I, myself, was included in the name.
Something impersonal became something personal. Something my friends never had known about
became something I was proud to talk about. A place where I did only share other’s stories became
a place where I also shared my own. It finally became a place where I could be myself.

In 2017, I got my own flat. I moved out from my parents’ and lived on my own for the first time. Well,
together with my better half, my boyfriend. We got a big place. I felt free. I felt in control. I loved it. I

In 2017, a few months after moving into our first flat, we packed the boxes again. I didn’t feel at
home. I felt alone. We got a smaller place. A better place. Something more me. Here I will feel at
home – I don’t feel alone.

In 2017, I gave half of my clothes to charity. Moving to a smaller place made less place for our
material goods. Small closet. Too much clothes. It warmed my heart to know others might get use
of what I didn’t. It felt good.

In 2017, I let my hair grow. Back in January I cut it short. Way too short. It suited me, but it didn’t
feel like me. Now it’s growing back, and I feel more and more like myself, looking in the mirror.

In 2017, I ditched my label as “vegetarian”. I am still eating mostly vegetarian though. Vegan
actually. And I love it. I just felt uncomfortable putting myself in a box. I felt my opportunities fell
short. I felt my ideas fell short. Somehow removing the label renewed my passion and love for the
vegetarian / vegan way of life. Now I have tons of ideas for meat-less foods.

In 2017, I realised I was good enough. I realised I was the what I needed in my life to get what I
want. To do what I want. To become what I what. I realised how strong I am, standing alone or in a
crowd. I realised how proud I can be of myself.

In 2017, I started practicing yoga. I love how it made my mind feel. I loved how it made my body
feel. I improved my balance, I got more bendy, I got stronger. It gave me the courage to challenge
my body more than ever before. Not only by trying out new, harder poses, but also by doing harder
physical exercise in general.

In 2017, I decided to have a second gap year. I wasn’t ready. Ready for getting back into school.
Ready to live for less. I needed to live life a little more before I bury myself in books.

HERE’S TO THE NEW YEAR, and the lot of new memories to come!


Em xx

Inspired by amaliewessel.dk

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